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Adult/Individual Counseling

This is the most common type of mental health treatment.

It is usually recommended when it is determined that the client’s problems are primarily due to an internal state of mind rather than outside causes. The focus in individual therapy is on better understanding the thoughts, feelings, and attitudes that create negative self esteem and present obstacles to having a more healthy and productive life. We explore the past for the roots of the problems, but we put more emphasis on the client’s current life difficulties.

Orlando CounselorMany therapists believe that they should be as “neutral” as possible when providing individual therapy. This means that they maintain a personal distance, do not disclose their personal feelings or attitudes, and are reluctant to offer opinions and advice. Gilstrap & Associates believe that, in most cases, clients feel more at ease when the individual therapist is less formal and withholding. Our Orlando-based therapists always maintain an appropriate and professional demeanor, but this does not mean that they cannot act naturally, express caring when needed, and offer opinions and suggestions when these may be helpful to the client.

We at Gilstrap & Associates also believe that most people do NOT want long term therapy without producing tangible results. We work with you in developing goals for positive changes in your life, and we match our treatment approach to help you achieve your goals.