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Camaraderie foundation

Camaraderie Foundation offers 100% financial scholarships for counseling services to qualified service members, spouses and children of service members.  Click here to view their website

Care Here Orlando

CareHere specializes in providing on-site healthcare through employers by making healthcare easier, better and more affordable.  Click here to view their website

Collaberative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law is getting known in the community more as the civil way to go through a divorce. We at our office do everything in our power to “help” and provide counsel to people who are struggling in their marriages.
Click here to view their website

Curtis McGown Family

Curtis McGown, LMHC had served the counseling needs of Central Florida with Gilstrap & Associates for many years. He and his family are now missionaries serving in Indonesia expanding Christ’s Kingdom through worship & service.
Click here to view his website

Crowne Consulting Employee Assistance Program

Crowne Consulting Group is an independent, full-service employee benefit consulting and personal lines insurance firm. We combine over 100 years of experience serving public sector employers such as school boards, city and county government, as well as private organizations and individuals. Click here to view their website

  • Exploring the differences between worry and anxiety.

    September 24

  • Here's some insight into negativity and how it's different than "toxic."

    September 21

  • If you have ever been in trauma (or other problem-area focused) therapy but perhaps quit too soon or completed treatment without getting the results you had hoped for and wanted, don’t give up!

    September 20

  • Parenting workshop on Saturday September 15th from 9am-12pm. The focus of the workshop is how to parent in the digital age. It will review research on the affects of screen time, how to set appropriate limits for screen time, and the risk on line parents should be aware. How video games affect our kids. I'll also be showing what apps and program parents can use to help them do all these things. Below is the flyer, please share with your clients or anyone you think would benefit. They can call my office to sign up.

    September 07

  • There is nothing wrong with being nice but it needs to be on your own terms.

    September 07

  • When was the last time you sent someone a handwritten "thank you" note?

    August 31

  • Here are 10 harmful self-confidence myths, along with suggestions about how to open the door to a more realistic and confident way of thinking.

    August 27

  • Happy Birthday to our founder Jessica Gilstrap Snyder! Wishing you happiness, health and all the best!

    August 11

  • A healthy relationship with your children involves conversation. Here are a few conversation starters to get the dialog going.

    July 19

  • Remember these 6 ways to maintain a healthy balance in your day-to-day #relationships—at home and at the office.

    July 03