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Help Keep PTSD Treatments Free For Vets

Help Keep PTSD Treatments Free For Vets

You fight for us, we’ll fight for you!

Thanks to the blockbuster movie, American Sniper, veterans dealing with PTSD are now in the forefront of the news. While there are countless veterans dealing with the everyday struggles of living their post-combat lives, there seems to be a few proven treatment methods which can help with getting their mental health back on track. One proven method that has been helping our veterans is Accelerated Resolution Therapy. Here at our Orlando counseling office, we have been using this revolutionary new approach to help our veterans move past the feelings attached to the trauma of their time in combat.

Local organizations and private companies have given funding in the past to help us cover the cost of treatment.  Due to budgetary constraints with these companies, we will no longer be able to provide these services free of charge to veterans like we have in the past.

We now need your help in order to keep this therapeutic treatment available free of charge to the men and woman who were brave enough to put everything on the line for our freedom. We hope that you or your organization can help us find a way to continue treatment at no cost to our veterans.

Donations can be made on our GoFundMe page. We can also accept donations at our counseling office via check, money order, cash or credit card. 100% of the donations go to paying for treatment for veterans with a priority going towards combat wounded veterans.

You can mail checks and money orders to:

Gilstrap & Associates
ATTN: Support Our Vets
7601 Conroy-Windermere Rd. Ste. #202
Orlando, FL 32835

No donation is too small, so please help us help our veterans!

Please note, that Gilstrap & Associates is a for-profit company and the donations would not be tax-deductible. We hope this will not stop you from contributing. Thank you.

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