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Affordable Counseling In Orlando

Affordable Counseling In Orlando

Affordable Counseling Options In Orlando

With Our Student Interns

Have you been thinking of seeking therapy for yourself or loved one, but have been unable to because of finances or lack of insurance?  At Gilstrap & Associates, we understand the perils of today’s health care system.  Here at our Orlando counseling office our mission is to provide counseling services to all those seeking help, regardless of their insurance or financial situation.  Affordable Orlando CounselingWe proudly offer services provided by our student interns at reduced rates for those who qualify.

You may be thinking, “A student intern? Are they qualified to work with me?” The answer is “YES!” While they are still completing their degree, students bring valuable life experience and practical clinical training to the therapeutic relationship. They are up-to-date with the current clinical systems, techniques, and technologies to make them extremely qualified to help you. Further, every student and intern is personally supervised by our team of supervisors to ensure the highest quality in your therapeutic experience.

Here’s some key points about working with a student intern that may help your decision:

  • They are up-to-date with the counseling industry standards.
  • They are exceptionally passionate and eager to help you.
  • Even though they are labelled as interns, they are truly experienced counseling professionals.
  • It can be extremely affordable to work with them if you qualify for one of our counseling scholarships—this means you can work with a counselor at little to no cost!

Here’s some more info about some of our current student interns:

Orlando Counselor Brian KrauseBrian Krause

Brian enjoys working with hurting and confused people who are looking for an empathetic ear to help them on their journey. Whether an individual, couple, or a family, Brian’s passion is to help people investigate their hurt and brokenness and discover their path to healing. He has worked with people for a number of years in a ministry setting. He’s also been a volunteer with hospice working as a grief counselor for children and adolescents. Brian just earned an MA in Christian Ministry from Urshan Graduate School of Theology and is currently completing his MA in Professional Counseling with Liberty University. Read Brian’s full bio.



If expense has been a factor in keeping you from seeing a counselor, wait no longer. Call today (407-522-9919) or email us for a free consultation.

All of our interns offer FREE 15 minute phone consultations to help you and your family. You may also contact us directly regarding pricing structures for students and scholarship application information.

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Frequently Asked Questions at Gilstrap & Associates

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Orlando Counseling | Domestic Violence

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