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Child/Adolescent Counseling

Our counselors work with children from age five through adolescence.

When one child in a family is having significant problems or symptoms, we may recommend individual counseling or therapy for that child. With younger children the therapy is often based on a mix of Child Therapytalk therapy and play therapy. With older children and adolescents the emphasis is on talk therapy. At the Gilstrap & Associates Orlando office, we have staff members who specialize in working with this age group. Because of the strong family therapy perspective at Gilstrap & Associates, we usually include family members (parents, siblings) in the treatment process. We also utilize an activity room/play therapy at our Orlando office. Many children under the age of 10 have not learned how to articulate their emotions yet. Part of the process that our counselors employ includes using the activity room. Using constructive activities, our counselors help children learn healthy and effective ways of communicating.

We also collaborate with Central Florida school systems because of our belief that we can do our best work by understanding and working with all the components of a child’s world.