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Counseling Young Victims

Molestation And Talking To Your Kids.

orlando counselingCounseling children after sexual abuse is an absolute necessity. This can be a subject that parents don’t like to bring up, but it’s a very important one. Every year more than a quarter million reports of child sexual abuse are made in the United States.*  This is something we deal with all too often at our Orlando counseling office.

Recently I came across a video on Facebook which was quite moving. A grown man came out with a secret he had been carrying for half of his life. He was the victim of a child predator. He went on to describe some of his actions and behaviors that were directly affected by keeping this to himself. He lived with this secret due to the fear of what people would think of him. Almost immediately after the event, he became hostile and started bullying other kids. He directly relates the start of his years of drug abuse to trying to “hide the pain.” As this man’s testimonial states, and our experience counseling adults who were young victims, there can be long lasting negative effects in all aspects of life after becoming a victim.

Big Secret

Click here to view the video.

Today, there are many resources online to educate yourself about what to look for (click here for some helpful information). We can’t be with our children every minute of the day, so it’s impossible to protect them at all times. Here at Gilstrap & Associates, we believe talking about this openly is the best approach to preventing and helping children who are victims. As uncomfortable as it can be to discuss this with your kids, having open discussions with them can help educate them about protecting themselves.

If you or your child was the victim of child abuse, don’t live with this secret.

Please contact our Orlando counseling office for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you live a happy, healthy life.

*3 million total reports of abuse which 9.3% are reported as sexual.

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